• Achivements


    Built a strategic partnership alliance with major trading, logistic, and customs clearance companies in the scope of Export Promotion and major retailers, suppliers and producers in the scope of Food Safety with well academic background in Center for International Affairs of New York University and some practical trainings in Germany

    Export Promotion

    Developed the export food markets in the European Union, Middle East and Russia with the Government of Japan to create environments in which trading companies could entry into the countries and regions above and Executed to continuously export primary products to Asian countries, including China, Taiwan Singapore and Hong Kong

    Food Safety

    Awarded one of 50 companies among the world to contribute to a version shift of GLOBALG.A.P that is an international standard of food safety for primary products, and Administrated the GLOBALG.A.P National Technical Working Group Japan as a host organization and, under it, supervised a risk assessment on radioactive contamination

    Research and Analysis

    Researched the impact against export food industry of Japan by Fukushima nuclear plant explosion that seriously affected the industry in terms of import regulation and unofficial market requirements from export destination country while co-operating to the Government of Japan, which contributed on an early resumption of the exports


    Gave a lecture about "Export Promotion for Primary Production" on behalf of Japanese private sectors in JAPAN FOOD SAFETY DAY 2011, the Global Food Safety Initiative, the Consumer Goods Forum that is  a global, parity-based industry network comprised of some 400 retailers, manufacturers, service providers over 70 countries