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    Founding Omniversal Ltd in 2007, the main business of which is export promotion of agricultural products and food safety consulting in accordance with "Farm to Table", his career has fulfilled with a robust experience of managements and business development as a proven and reliable agricultural market innovator in Japan.

    My main achievements in private sectors are described below in four sections though, in order to deal with a wide range of critical issues such as radioactive contamination stemming from Fukushima nuclear plant explosion, he also took office as a Managing Director of Japan Agricultural Products Exporters Association until 2012 in the youngest personnel matter of the government history and successfully constructed the sound development of agricultural export industry with major trading and logistic companies.

    Furthermore, in 2016, he established "Sezkha & the Development" a platform with a professional working group for the agricultural development between Nepal and Japan, which mainly addresses the issues for a global food security.